Kavanaugh Apologizes To Klobuchar For Asking Her If She's Ever Blacked Out

Senate Judiciary Committee

President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh mentioned beer and enjoying beer nearly 30 times while denying drunkenly sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford.

The exchange even seemed to rally hard-core Kavanaugh supporters to Klobuchar, like the blogger Erick Erickson, who has spent the last few weeks excoriating Democrats over their handling of the harassment allegations.

The White House argued Friday that Kavanaugh's testimony about drinking was not meant to be misleading, but provided "context" about how Maryland high schoolers obtained beer.

Time and again, Kavanaugh returned to his defense of drinking. I drank beer with my friends. Sometimes others did. I liked beer.

"There is a bright line between drinking beer, which I gladly do, and which I fully embrace, and sexually assaulting someone, which is a violent crime". Yes, we drank beer, I like beer, I still like beer, we drank beer. That means Kavanaugh was legal there for only the final four months of his senior year at Georgetown Prep, following his February 12, 1983 birthday. In the summer of 1982, seven months before he turned 18, the state raised the legal drinking age for beer and wine from 18 to 21. "The drinking age as I noted was 18, so the seniors were legal".

He also told the committee, "If every American who drinks beer or every American who drank beer in high school is suddenly presumed guilty of sexual assault, it will be an ugly new place in this country".

Once Kavanaugh started attending Yale in the fall of 1983, the legal picture was more complicated. That, however, did not apply to Kavanaugh: He didn't turn 18 until the following February.

Kavanaugh: Yea and I'm curious if you have. The drinking age there did not increase to 21 from 18 until 1986.

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"What I think Sen". Since I have given up all hope of a Supreme Court nomination, I can readily admit that the varying legality of my alcohol consumption had no impact on it, except that I sometimes relied on older friends to buy liquor for me. "We drank beer, I like beer", Kavanaugh said. "So whatever, you know", Kavanaugh replied.

"Nor do I", Kavanaugh said.

It is, of course, laughable to imagine Kavanaugh and his high school buddies consulting "a blood-alcohol chart" before deciding whether to have another brewski.

Klobuchar added that Kavanaugh "didn't really answer the question" of whether he ever blacked out. "And yes, the seniors were legal and had beer there". Do you like beer, senator, or not? Young people learn their limits through practice, and those limits vary from person to person.

She directly asked him if he ever "drank so much that you can't remember what happened or part of what happened the night before".

Kavanaugh answered: "No. I remember what happened".

Kavanaugh also said that he never woke up without his clothes or forgot what happened the night before.

President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee said a number of times that he had never drank to the point of memory loss. Yeah, we drank beer, and I said sometimes, sometimes probably had too many beers, and sometimes other people had too many beers. Nowadays nearly none of them are legally allowed to drink, even though many of them are considered adults in nearly every other respect. Instead high school and college students bumble along, learning from mistakes they might have avoided. That perverse situation was the unacknowledged subtext of all the beer talk at Thursday's hearing.

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